Now your in your finest shape.  Now is the time to have your artistic portrait taken of your beautiful body.   Too many competitors did not have the chance to have portraits taken to have something to show for their hard work.  Not only do you have the chance, but to have it taken by photographers who are certified in Fine Art Photography and who specialize in the human art form.  

   We are artist first before photographers. 

If you have some ideas send them to us.  We will design your lighting and around your concept. If you would like something more revealing but a little shy don't worry, we are more than happy to assist you.

We  have two photographers, Debbie or Michael.  You choose who you are more comfortable with. The men usually ask for Debbie.  Either way. We assist each other with the lighting, background and poses.  

   Then if you like, you are left alone with the photographer to create your beautiful portraits.


In your photo shoot we are going for Fine Art Artistic images of you. 

We designed the lighting to enhance your sculptured body.  To enhance the beautiful aspects of you and minimize any part you would like to hide.  We will begin with some overall shots and then move in for close of your muscles and shape. 

    We want to show how beautiful you and your body is.  We can photograph you in our studio or outdoors in the forest, river or if your adventurist, in public!  



 We can give whatever you want a try.  Where what you want. Pose how you like.  We will use shadow and light to enhance your beauty and minimize what your perceive flaws.   We will get in as many shots and fashion change as you want within your allotted time.   This is so much fun and you get champagne too..!





Outdoor Swimsuit and Fashion Shoot  We love shooting outdoors.  It's a little more work sometimes but totally worth it. We can take you where we are a little more private for your shoot.  You can also have your shoot right smack in the middle of a  public venue..!   Where ever you want to shoot is ok with us.  

Totally fun..!





GLAMOUIR Photo shoot


Sometimes you want something a little more natural and outdoors.  We have a few locations where we can shoot and have very little or no public around.  There we can shoot beautiful images of you as natural as you want to be.  We will go thru practice poses and work out the lighting before we shoot.   It is so much fun and exciting to be out in the open air.  If you have a location you want to shoot we are there..!  Here are a few example for you... 




Now the fun begins..!!!!  

The following concepts are beautiful artistic images to capture your beauty for the women.  For the men your true strong manliness…

Dramatic Portrait:

A dramatic shot of you in your competition suit. 



Fine Art Images

Artistic light set up


Dramatic lighting to capture your sculpture body and your soft curves..

We will shoot till we get 4 great images each.

We will shoot:

·         Body scape “Flex” poses

·         Body scape “Relaxed” poses.

·         Optional one beautiful Implied nude pose, standing or sitting


Note:   Lingerie, fashion or with suit is considered commercial. 

Nude or some type of fashion would be considered artistic.








Prints are printed on Professional Archival Paper that can last from one hundred years or more.  We check the quality for you.  

Digital Images:  Every print you purchase, you will recieve free digital images to use however you wish. 


After the shoot:

It will take up from 3 to 4 weeks for us to process the images. Processing  the negatives to positives.



All the images are fully retouch skin, blemishes, wrinkles, scar etc.     


Additional information and services we can provide:


We are also top level editorial / commercial photographers who can capture your images for you to sell.

Whether it’s for your posters, photo books, websites, brochures, print ad, fashion and more.  We can also make a calendar, a bedroom book.  A large coffee table book. Very popular..!!!


If you have trouble getting in magazines or marketing yourself efficiently it can be because you don’t have good photos of yourself.  Or a good portfolio to begin with.  We can do that for you and build your port.

If you like we can shoot your images to make posters or calendars to help you finance your way to the top.

  Indoor or outdoor settings.  View our work and let us know what you need. We will be happy to provide you with what you need.