Before we shoot an image:

We want you to have fun..!!!!

Bring your ideas, your props and practice your poses.


We will pose you as perfect as possible before she snap an image.  That means we make sure hair is in place, pose is right, lighting is correct etc. before we shoot.  We don’t snap away which is very unprofessional.




  • Fashion
  • Glamour Workout
  • Fashion Body Scape. Example: Wearing body fishnet and we shoot body parts close-up in fishnet.  This is a beautiful high fashion shot.


Oh my what do I wear?  Here are some ideas..!

  •  Work out outfit (rich colors)
  •  Shear Baby doll lingerie or shear dress.  
  •  Baby Doll dress
  • Spaghetti strap sun dress, Rich satin dress?
  • Form hugging Fishnets,
  • Lingerie sets
  • Tight Jeans outfit or ripped or cut up fashion
  • High cut off Jeans shorts
  • Ripped t or work out shirt.
  • Boy shorts or thong. 
  • Props such as hats etc.
  • Jewelry, (no hoop earrings.) 
  • Heels to match.