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Farasha Storm 3, www.farashastorm.com

Raqs Sharki is the Dance of the East, beter known as Belly Dance!
Farasha is Arabic for butterfly, and the wihirlwind of beauty, grace, and power of Raqs Sharki is Farasha Storm. These events are a celebration of the diverse and exciting interpretations through cultural dance. This third installment returned two participants of Farasha Storm 2,Nadia and its founder Badia. It also welcomed three new participants in Sawako, Tanya and Ayah.

Returning for their second show Abdoul and the Night Visitors filled the air with the imortal sounds of the Middle East. The band also featured guest drummer Yadi who can be seen performing every second and fourth Thursday night with live band Sambada at Kasbah Lounge.

Farasha Storm (Storm of Butterlies) is an energy. It's a state of mind of the belly dancer.

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