We promise you will have fun.  Let your imagination be your guide.

We can try different poses and ideas to see how they look so we can get

the most striking and beautiful images of you.  You can be fully fashioned or show all your fit body.  Your ideas, courage and imagination is the key. 



Below are your Photo Session Packages.  Your digital image cost is separate.


You can do whatever you would like with your images.


Session fees


Discounts for the following:

-If you’re with the military in any way.

-You’re military dependent.

-State worker (State workers currently are required to take a pay cut)  Includes City and County 

-Full Time Students

-21 and under.  (21 and under clients generally do not make enough to make a living)




Mini Photo Shoot

30-minute session         -89

2- Fashion changes with studio OR beautiful natural light. 





One hour Standard Session                     – 125

Unlimited fashion changes with

-Natural Light and

-Studio Lighting



One and 1/2 to 2 hour photo shoot           – 225

Unlimited fashion changes with

-Natural Light and

-Studio Fashion and

-Artistic lighting






One Hour session                – 125

Unlimited fashion changes with

-Natural Light and studio lighting






You or she can be the photographer for the hour.  The other is the model.


Photographer: will give a 10 minute lesson on how to use the camera and on poses.

Model: We will show her various poses and techniques for a beautiful look.


 The idea is the model will follow whatever the photographer wants and have fun.

He or she will shoot the images he or she always fantasized about,

The model will let go, have fun and show his or her trust to be delicious looking.

 We will be available as assistants to your shoot only.  To help with the camera, lights, background poses and more.  We won't say a word unless ask.

We will give you a quick 10 minute lesion on how to use our PROFESSIONAL CAMERA.  Especially on how to focus. 
The camera will be attached to a laptop with a program designed for photography and in it we will adjust exposure, shutter speed, aperture and more.  All you need to do is focus and shoot. 

Remember. IT’s YOUR SHOOT.  Anything goes...!!!!


After, we will process your images for your review and purchase. 

Your images will be given a "Basic Retouch"

Your images will be professional and beautiful just like in beautiful magazines.  Because you shot them...!

Way better than just snap shots.


Digital Packages

Packages come with basic retouching.  All images you will receive re-printing rights and postings.

Full resolution images each $45.00  

5  Full Resolution Images:  180-

8 Full Resolution Images: 325-

10 Full Resolution Images: 420-


Body contouring retouch starting at 10.00.

Hair and Makeup?

Makeup:                                            $65.00

Hair                                                     $20.00


After the shoot:

It will take up from 2 to 4 weeks for us to process the images.



Basic Retouch: No cost

Blemishes, small bruises,  and small scars.     


Additional retouching:  Starting at $10.00 per image or more depending.

If you like, we can take in the waist, slim the arms, legs etc.  Make breast fuller or up-size, sculpture the body. 


Additional information


What if I can't make my appointment?

Please cancel your appointment 24 hours before your photo session to avoid any cancellation fees.

Otherwise there will be a cancellation charge of $25.