Tips to help you prepare for your boudoir/glamour shoot



Tips for your shoot.

1. Prepare for your shoot by pampering yourself. Go to the salon, get a hair cut and have your hair done, paint your fingers and toes, get a tan.

2. Come to your shoot wearing loose clothing. Tight clothes such as jeans will cause unnecessary marks on your skin.

3. It is recommended that you get your hair and make-up done by a professional. If you are doing your own hair and make-up remember everything looks less dramatic on camera. Plan to do your hair twice as big and make-up twice as dark. Also, some false lashes will make your eyes really stand out.

4. Bring simple, but nice lingerie. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. A nice black bra and lacy panties will work. Remember, black is slimming and if you are self conscious about your tummy corsets are sexy. Also, keep in mind less doesn’t necessary mean sexy. Your shoot can be sultry or flirty. For instance, these photos of Jaclyn, she is wearing some cute and fully covered bedroom wear, but they are still sexy and fun.

5. Always bring heels. They naturally arch your back during standing shots and is an extra accessory during laying shots. Other things to consider accessorizes, such as necklaces and earrings will add to your shoot, plus give your hands something to do. Other props will make your photos unique.

Just look at these props! Adorable.

6. Get lots of rest the day before to avoid puffy eyes, arrive a little early so you are not stressed out and have a light snack so you are comfortable.

7. Bring your ideas for your shoot. This is your shoot, your voice is appreciated. Themes are wonderful, but don’t get too fixated on trying to look like a certain picture. You are unique and the photographer is unique, therefore not all situations are unique and sometimes you can’t have everything exactly down to the last detail.

8. It is encouraged that you bring a friend. It is for your safety and comfort. Bring someone you trust and you can laugh with. Don’t bring an army. Believe it or not the more people at your shoot the more self-conscious you become. Too many chefs in the kitchen applies to the bedroom too and calls for a bad recipe.

9. Trust your photographer. This is our job and we do not dilbertly want to make you look bad. Sometimes we may put you into odd poses (trust me you may be sore afterwards) don’t worry this is only because we are trying to get you into the best pose for your body.

10. Have fun! You will be nervous, but don’t be afraid to laugh and smile. Don’t take the shoot too seriously. Your ease will show up on your pictures.

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