A special 'Thank you' to Debbie Torres and Michael Torres for the photo shoot today. You are awesome and I loved working with you! For something that could be stressful, you made it such a nice and exciting experience! YAY!  Shaundré L. Gouveia


Michael and Debbie - your guys' talent never ceases to amaze me! You guys are definitely the real deal! You deserve every opportunity that comes your way. I can't help but say wonderful things about you guys because you guys are professional and best of all build a really good relationship with your models. When my baby bump gets more noticeable, I can't think of a better team to take the first shots! I love you guys!  Rose


I just wanted to take this time and say thanks for a great time and fun shoot, hope us all work so on more fun projects.  U guys are choke full of ideas and I hope I can be part them and bring out what is in your heads out.   Hassib


Hello Mike & Debbie  I had a great time with you guys!! You guys are like family so I wasn’t nervous at all or shy… you made me feel real comfortable…..


Thank you guys for everything I so can’t wait to get and see them!! But take your time!!  Can you give me the website to view/purchase the pictures when you guys put it up!!  Oh and if you can make my but look a little bigger for the little poster for my BF that would be great!! Hehe yesi know you did a wonderful job and i have received about 30 messages from photographers that want to shoot me that’s crazy.  Jessica


Thank you, Shaundré L. Gouveia thank you, you made me beautiful…!  I was so nervous and I didn’t know what to expect.  My pictures of me are beautiful and my ex’s want me back. I put some of the pictures on my my space and I am getting all kinds of offers to date... For the first time in a long time my life, I got what I wanted for me.  And truly look and feel beautiful. This was so good for my heart…Thank you Debbie so much!   Janna


Michael and Debbie -I had so much fun and I always wanted sexy pictures of me to give to my husband.  I was so comfortable and the picture came out way better than I ever expected.  I had no idea.  I showed all my friends.  I like them so much you can show anybody you want.  You made me so pretty.  Thank you again so much...      Tracie


Debbie and Michael I had so much fun…!  I look so good in my pictures.  I felt so pretty and comfortable with you two.  I never laughed so much in a photo shoot.  Can’t wait to do it again.  I have some new ideas that I’d like to try.   Christina


Debbie, I cannot say thank you enough for my daughter 16thbirthday pictures.  My daughter is so beautiful and these are the best pictures of her ever.  I can’t thank you enough for these memories.      Arthur


I love my pictures they are soooo amazing.  I look hot!    The first time you guys took pictures of me I was soooo nervous.  These last pictures of me before my pregnancy I looked hot!  Now that I am pregnant my pictures are beautiful.


When my baby is born I will bring her over.    Thank you for my first daughter’s pictures with the guitar. She had so much fun she could not stop talking about it.  The pictures are such treasures.    Yelena


I am not from the US.   I would like my dream to model.  My friend here told me about you.  Debbie I needed Head Photos and Body Photos for my audition.  Thank you for quick photos on quick notice for my audition. He loved my photos and I gave him your information.                  Thank you Debbie and your husband.  Olesya


My headshots are great.  I known you guys for a long time and I had an interview with a Talent agency and they needed the images.  They wanted me to use their photographer.  One look at his work and I came right to you.  My photos are…Awesome!  The agent liked the colors a lot!  He asked for you information and said he wants to use you guys…   OH..! I passed the interview with my photos.  They look way better than the other models.  Thank you a lot!    Michael


Debbie, your talent never ceases to amaze me.  I am a photographer myself and your advice and unspoken guidance improves my work over and over.  Plus I have never been comfortable in front of the camera and when you take my picture I know I going to look very nice.  I love you and thank you for working with me and being my wife.  I never have been as happy as I am when I am assisting you.

Your husband Michael