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WELCOME and thank you for dropping by..!



D and M  Studios are Debbie and Michael. A professional photography team.


We earned our Certificates of Photography in:



•Fine Art   


       D and M  Studios is a becoming known as “Sacramento Areas peoples reliable Fine Art and Commercial Photography”.  We photograph families, small businesses and local bands. We have two locations: Fresno, CA and Elk Grove, CA.

Specializing in Lifestyle, Family, Wedding Portraiture,  Band Advertizing Portraits, Fashion, Headshot & Portfolios, Editorial and Magazine, PR & Events, Boudoir Portraiture and Stock images.  We also photography custom images for you home to put on your wall.

What makes us special is not only are we mobile. Which means we can come to you or the location of your choosing?  That we customize your portraits or photographs to your taste and needs.  Your image will not be the same old tired shot you see on everybody else’s walls or magazine.  Your shots will be of high resolutions professional portraits quality.



We are your personal photographers.

You are involved in every stage of the process.  You’re the director.  Whatever your need or your vision of what you want.  We will photography your idea.  Whatever it takes, whatever the idea.  We do not judge but love a challenge.   We will bring the lights camera to capture your memories, business, magazine style shots, boudoir or personal lifestyle portraits.

We do not cut corners to capture your image.  We always photograph in high quality high resolution digital images using the state of the art equipment.  Our experience and training has  made us an expert in lighting, composition and style. We have an eye for composition,    color, beauty and a passion for people and their lives.

 Our portraits also compliment your home, business or gallery. They will add to your décor.  We also provide custom photography for you.  A portrait that describes your business.  A large personal portrait for your living or bedroom. 

We process our own shots.  That means after we photograph we don’t send out you images to be process at some unknown company.  We process the your images so get your photographs close to as you imagined them.  At very high quality. If you need a change in the look, we can do it since we initially processed it and have the original file. 


D and M Studios is a professional photography team.   The “D” is Debbie and the “M” is for Michael.


What  separates us from the rest?

             D and M Studios are a Photography Team. You get two photographer almost for every shoot.  Also we are a family owned and operated.  So we pride ourselves as craftsmen and professional in an era of franchises. 

 We are  your local photographic artist. We are in your community and can be contacted anytime you need  us.  If you wish, we can come to you!  Most case we can do an emergency photoshoot to meet your needs.  


How will your images be photographed and how will our  services be performed?

      The process is easy, just give us a call and we will talk about what kind of image you would like.  We will plan you photo shoot together.  Talk about the look you’re going after. Props, colors, pose.  Set a date. We come over and shoot your artistic images.  The process is so much fun!

  You are the director and we are all involved in the photo shoot.  We bring a monitor so when we shoot the image comes up on a screen.  You help us decide what changes we need to do to get the right image. Whether you want to change light quality, poses, fabric, rearrange props. Etc.

We can come to you or your place of business.  We figure out the lighting, color, look, fabric poses etc.  If for some reason the images don’t suit you. We shoot again till you like what you see.  We bring a monitor so when we shoot the images appears on the monitor and you can decide and make changes such as light, pose,

We always shoot at full resolution RAW images.  The best lenses and best quality of light.

       After the photo shoot. We will process the images which will take from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the type of photo shoot or artistry format you would like your images.



What will our do for the customers/clients?

Our photo shoot of your business have brought repeat customers, or capture potential client interest on your website.   Our personal portraits of you have even help people find a husband or wife.  Find a new love or even help someone start out with a new you!   We have testimonies to prove it!   

The added value to your images is that they are the only one.  No one else will have them. They are customizing to you.  They are copyrighted, archived and safe just in case you need to resurrect them.    


    FOR ANY INQUIRES PLEASE EMAIL US AT: dandmstudios.0@gmail.com or Debbiesimages@gmail.com

("0" is a zero not a "o") or call: 916-955-1841 or after 6pm 1-916.212.9112